Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to share a few of the faces that I am so very thankful for this Thanksgiving (and everyday)...

my brother and sister Dale and Chris
(technically they're my in-laws but I claim them as my very own)

These precious three...our nephews and their families

On the left, Mike and his children, Brooke & Ryan...Mike leaves for Kuwait in January and will be gone a year...please pray for him

On the right, Christian and Leigh and their baby girl Allison (aka Squirrel)...celebrating their first Thanksgiving together as a family
(and drove 9 hours to be with us)

And on the bottom, Walt and Keri and their children, Arraiol, Casen, Levi and baby girl Kale...I had to throw in the extra picture of them below...
all arms and legs and smiles...

and then there is this bunch...my bunch of bananas...
who fill me with utter joy every day.

and finally, Nellie...who came with her parents Christian and Leigh
to see Aunt Deb
how can you not be thankful for a face like that?


awww puppy!

What a sweet entry....love family stuff.