I Love Giveaways

*************We Have A Winner!************
ok, so like I was saying...

To kick off another attempt at daily blogging, and because my favorite holiday is this week, and because my children are all home and safe, and because I'm soooo ready for this very difficult year to be over (I'll leave it at that)...I'm having a Giveaway!

Truly, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday...I love our family coming together, the cooking, the baking, the Macy's parade, the Publix commercials (even though we don't watch television anymore, I still sneak on youtube to watch them). I even bought an inflatable turkey for the front yard a couple of years ago (Tom is in most of our family pictures on Thanksgiving).

And I love turkey. And stuffing. And green bean casserole. And pumpkin pie.

We could be here all day...

So here's the Giveaway...

(1) $25 Winn Dixie gift card

Buy a turkey, a pumpkin pie, some Oreos...whatever makes your Thanksgiving meal special.
Here's what you need to do...leave a comment to the question below, just one comment per person please, (and if you leave a potty mouth comment a.k.a leave a comment that's inappropriate, it'll get deleted). And when time's up whatever the total is on my Winn Dixie grocery receipt, that's the number I'll pick--no wait, that won't work, I put my gum in that receipt--I'll just pick a number out of the hat...

and the question?

"is there anything unusual/unique you serve (or eat) for your Thanksgiving meal?"

Giveaway ends at 9:00 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our family has to have two kinds of cranberry sauce...grandma Dryer's and Ocean Spray's. And some of us like to put Ranch dressing on our turkey. Oh, and one year Mark and I gave everyone food poisoning with our dirt pig (we cooked a pig in the ground for 3 days...I don't suggest it)


Sherry said…
Hey Deb,
Well the most unusual and unique thing that we have is a soda cracker cake. It is so yummy. It is a recipe that came from my great grandmother. It has soda crackers, pecans, sugar, egg whites in it for the cake and is topped with blueberry pie filling and cool whip. My Mom makes it ever year and so do I.
Wyatt Milton said…
For as long as I can remember, my nana has cooked Oyster Dressing every Thanksgiving. It's basically dressing with oyster flavor running all throughout it and little bits of oyster in every bite.