She's Making A List, She's Checking It Twice...

Insane...that's all I can write...insane...

(well, not really ALL I'm gonna write...I'm just being dramatic)

I must be insane because I'm actually considering going out to a store on Friday...Black Friday.
(and why do they call it Black Friday? I mean I know it's an accounting term but can't we think of a better name? Like Danger Friday or FindMeIfYouCan Friday or Midnight Friday, something with a little suspense...)

There is a laptop for sale, and I've been saving my pennies in a giant pickle jar (really, it's true, in fact I'm gonna have to wash all that change before I take it to the store cause it still smells like vinegar in the jar) ok, where was I? Oh, the this laptop is on sale and the sale only lasts until 11:00 a.m. Friday at our local discount Blue Box.

So I have to consider...just how badly to I want this thing? Am I willing to risk any of my body parts for $50 off? How do I feel about sneaker prints up and down my back for a free carry case? Or what if I get caught in one of those human tsunami waves that can happen around the front doors right before the store opens? Or worst of all...

do I want to get up that early on my day off?

lots to consider....maybe I'll send Mark


Barb said…
I say KEEP SAVING! I'm getting too old for all that getting up early, waiting in line, pushing and shoving, HOPING you get one before they're all gone, not to mention risking life and limb to walk away with the prize!
But then............I'm not the one wanting the laptop!
I say call it "Stay At Home" Friday...which is mostly what I did, other than a Sam's pit stop and a short trip to office depot.
(The send Mark idea...that's a good one, eh?)