The Christmas Chronicles...Day 14

Confession time...sometimes I listen to Christmas music in July. 

It's a sickness...but one that usually only lasts a day or two...listening to Karen Carpenter sing about a winter wonderland in 103 degree weather with 99% humidity gets a little depressing after a couple of days.

But once the Thanksgiving dishes are done, out come the Christmas cd's. I can't seem to wait to hear Bing, Nat and Alvin (as in the chipmunk...gee, I feel kinda bad lumping Bing and Nat in with one of the most annoying cartoon characters ever created...) 

And since I'm in a confessing mood, here's another revelation...one of my most favorite Christmas cd's is...John Denver and the Muppets Christmas Television Special.

Yes, I'll admit it...I'm in love with a Christmas carol-singing piece of green fabric, shaped like a frog...and the folk-singing dude with the long hippie hair (who as my grandmother liked to say..."sings outta his nose")

Love it so much that I started out with a cassette tape, worn it out, bought another cassette tape, moved up to a cd, scratched it, bought another cd that is now currently in the minivan. 

There is just something about hearing Rolf the dog sing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" that gets to me. Or Miss Piggy, Scooter and Gonzo singing "Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat..." How about the entire gang singing "Silent Night"? (in German, no less) And my favorite..."When the River Meets the Sea" (although I don't think it's really a Christmas song)

So here's a little snip of what my children have had to endure each time they have gotten into our minivan each December...every single December of their lives...Enjoy!

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