The Christmas Chronicles...Day 16

On Friday, I had a moment where I became Buddy the elf, trying to get on the escalator at Gimbel's Department store...I hate the mall.

(Ok, ok...we don't say "hate" around here..."dislike immensely")

I went to the mall (by myself...I gotta get some friends) to get a little bit of Christmas shopping done on Friday. It was the first time in about two months I'd been to the mall (which is about average for me...that's also the reason I'm sometimes mistaken for a bag lady) and things got a little overwhelming.

I looked like I had never been out of the house...mouth agape, walking around in tight circles, like a dog looking for a place to lay down, mumbling to myself...and that happened just on the first escalator.

I went into a major department store looking for something specific (I had a list...I wanted to get in and get out) so I went up the escalator. And as I reached the top, I realized I was headed in the wrong direction...so I stopped dead in my tracks, right at the top of the escalator, turned around to go back down the very same escalator (that of course only went "up"), realized that the escalator only went "up", turned around in place three times, all the while mumbling to myself..."umm, umm, umm...where should I go?"

Outloud. People could hear me. And probably wishing I'd go back to Walmart.

I finally got where I needed to go, with the help of a mall cop on a Segway (I thought that was only in movies), got my one specific item, and high-tailed it back home...

Maybe I'll go back around Valentine's Day.

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