Loose Ends No. 1 Vol. 19

Confession time...what better way to spend the last Monday of 2009...

1. I miss tv...I feel guilty about saying that, but it's true. Last night Kaitlin and I were sitting on the couch and I looked over at the space where our tv used to sit and said, "sometimes I really miss having television" and her eyes flew open and she exclaimed, "me too!!!" and we both laughed...we laughed and laughed...and then we sighed...

2. For the past three days I've eaten spinach dip for breakfast. With Triscuits.

3. I'll be putting my Christmas tree out of its misery later today. I can't stand it anymore...it looks so sad...it makes Charlie Brown's tree look like the one in Rockefeller Center. The leaning, the burnt out twinkle lights, the one side that didn't get any ornaments...plus it looks like it has...*whispering*..."the mange".

4. I didn't send any Christmas cards out this year cause...ididn'twantoo. That was a hard one to confess. For the last 23 years, I have sent out Christmas cards. I go the day after Christmas and buy up the most beautiful cards I can find that are 50% off (might as well confess it all) and then the following year, around the first week of December, I assemble and mail out about 75 cards. Not this year. I got the boxes of cards out that I bought last December 26th and put them on the kitchen table...and there they have sat all month. Each time I've walked by them, I've heard this annoying little voice, "we're wwaaiitttiiinnnggg!" But I chose to ignore it...and it felt kinda good...

5. Since Christmas Eve, I've only gotten out of my pajamas for the following reasons:
a. to go to church
b. to shower and change into clean pajamas

Whew...that felt good to get those off my chest.

1 comment:

martha stewart impersonator said...

you are "hopelessly" insane!!!!
Cute, but insane to a fault! haha
(takes one to know one) :-)

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