Signs I'm Getting Older ~ Part 1

1. I spent this afternoon running errands and became so engrossed in the conversation I was having with myself, that I ended up two blocks from home before I realized I was supposed to be going back to work.

2. Yesterday I wanted to take a nap at 10:00 a.m.

3. Lately I have started *grunting* when I get out a chair...*groaning* when I get up from a lying position...and *sighing* when I have to go back for what I forgot...

4. "that'll give me indigestion", "turn it down!", and "what'd you say?" have become my new catch phrases.

5. I've begun comparison shopping for fiber suppliments.

6. I want my bathroom remodel to include one of those tubs with a door.

7. My pink duster/muumuu has suddenly become "too flashy".

8. I bought a pair of navy knee-hi's last week.

9. While in a hospital waiting room a few weeks ago, I asked the receptionist if it was okay if I turned up "Matlock".

10. I've already forgotten what I wrote for #1


oman. I have a birthday next month...this list is a sore reminder than I am getting older because I relate to so many of them!!!
Barbara said…
I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but that is only the beginning..if you wait about 6 months, you'll have 30 things....but you will embrace and celebrate it all. Some things are positive...1) you don't worry about many of the things that used to be a big deal and 2) You have learned that God never FAILS..He many not always agree with you...but He never fails....that list goes on as well.

Loved the post!!
Barb said… be young again! "It is what it is Deb and it's ALL good!" Wait till you hit 50 and beyond if you think it's bad now! Thank goodness that we can help each other get through each season of our lives. Love yoU!
O.K., you've got me rolling on the floor again, only because I can relate so well. I see shirts at Walmart and before I take them home, I say, this may be a little too clingy for a woman of my age. You are so funny! Oh, but I wouldn't go back to the insecurities of my youth for nothing, like Barbara said, you just don't care what people think as you get older....
Lindsey said…
I lovvveee you Mrs. Debbiekins!!
Philomena Ewing said…
Hi there - I am from Blue Eyed Ennis Blog and this is my first visit to your blog -came across it by chance and I am so glad I did.
You have a terrific sense of humour and I have enjoyed reading and I will be back for a longer look later. I particularly enjoyed the comment about you wanting to go for a nap at 10am !!
Aging sucks !!
Pay me a visit whenever you like - I would love to get a comment as to your views on my blog.
Best wishes
I adore your sense of humor Debbie. You are precious. I am your newest follower girl. Be blessed. Cindy