April Showers Bring May Flowers...And A Giveaway!

***********We Have A Winner!**********
Congratulations #5....Amanda!

Since Spring has officially sprung around these parts (I know this to be true because most of my friends either have a tissue box strapped to their side or sound like Snuffaluffagus...one friend even made one of those candy necklaces out of antihistamine tablets) and because most everything on our porch and garage is covered in yellow pollen...it's giveaway time!

Everything around these parts in is full bloom and I've heard talk about folks getting their gardens ready for planting (although Mark finally put his foot down about a garden...every year I say I want a vegetable garden...and every year my wonderful husband helps me put in a garden...and every year I stay interested about 2 weeks and then the garden goes to pot...so last week when I said, "you know, I'm thinking about putting some toma..." that's as far as I got before he cut me off and said, "no way").

so here's the giveaway...

(1) $25 Lowe's Giftcard
buy yourself some vegetable plants, or some petunias, or a set of gardening tools...
or a new hammer for your sweet husband who finally said no to being a part of the senseless massacre of a bunch of helpless tomato plants.

here's what you need to do...just leave a comment to the question below (just one comment per person please, and if you leave a potty mouth comment a.k.a. something inappropirate, it'll get deleted) and when time is up, I'll ask my personal gardener, Mark, to pick a number...no, wait...he quit...I'll just pick a number out of my cute straw gardening hat that I never wear...

and the question...
"What is your experience with gardening?"

The good, the bad and the ugly!

The giveaway ends Friday, April 9th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern so hurry and get those comments in!


Melissa said…
The good is that my personal garden is blooming. I have reunited with my long lost Sister and Brother. The bad is that my Sister and I appear to have the same trait of losing interest in our gardens after a couple of weeks. The ulgy, is the sight of all the flowers I planted and forgot that they do actually need water. OOPS. I am now banned from buying plants at Home Depot and Lowes.
Well I am going to have to be honest! I want all the purty stuff that everyone else has in their yards...I really do! BUT...my sweet little husband says, "You have to work in the yards baby to keep it up". Well that more or less tells me I don't work in the yards! I honestly tried once though. Was going to mow the yards...in good faith I got on that little riding lawn mower with my little headphones and mowed away......only to be stopped about 30 minutes later by my sweet little husband to tell me, "Get off the lawn mower!!!". When I asked what the problem was he said, "You have mowed for 30 minutes and not mowed ner'e a piece of grass...you never put the blade down!!!! So, does that tell you about my yard and gardening experience??????? I guess that would be my bad! But now...my good is that I did buy some Indian Hawthorne shrubs to plant in front of my house. I called this place and said, "I need something that is is low maintance all year round, pretty and affordable! WA-LA! Indian Hawthorne it was. I am so excited to say it is still living!!!!!!!!! And it has been low maintance and pretty and easy! Praise the Lord! Be blessed. Cindy
Susan said…
You crack me up because I'm the same about losing interest so quickly. I get all gung-ho about a vegetebale garden and am little Ms. Green Thumb until the plants sprout and then it all goes to waste. I water, but I don't weed and with the growing plants come fast-growing weeds that take over and I so quickly give up. Actually ongoing tales about a new adventure -- my little guy's "gardenette", as we're calling it -- on my blog, http://mudinheaven.blogspot.com. We're still in the "gung-ho" stage of this garden, so we'll see what comes of it!
Sherry said…
No garden this year...School is taking up to much time. I guess my garden experience would be bad because my yard is a little neglected. The two flower beds in the front have become flowers of grass. I see them as I come and go but they have still to recieve any attention, just a casual glance..Hope everyone else has a better green thumb than myself...
Anonymous said…
I do not...I repeat....do not have a green thumb. Its so obvious that every time I purchase or am given anything living and green, my husband asks does it come with a death certificate. And yes, its that bad.

Amanda Wiggins
Barb said…
I yearn to have that gorgeous flower and/or vegetable garden too but given the arthritic knees and hips, am not able to get down and weed etc. BUT....I have begun to get much better with my potted plants, sprouting things and growing herb seeds in pots! Right now, I have cilantro, oregano, rosemary, thyme and basil sprouting in pots. This year, instead of putting them in the ground, I've just planted and sprouted the seeds in clay pots and will care for them that way, which will be WAY easier for me! We also ususally do plant a few squash plants and grow tomato plants from seeds also and have done quite well with those. There's nothing sweeter than growing your own stuff and then chowing down on it!
Luv this GIVEAWAY!

The GOOD: I just love getting my hands dirty and creating beautiful window boxes...hanging baskets...flower beds and containers.

The BAD: My hubby is broke when I get finish buying all my plants:( Last weekend I did get some awesome deals on flowers and trees at our local flea market...last week I think I spent about $200.00!

The ULGY: The under ground SPRINGS we have...need more french drains. How my back feels after a day in my yard playing in the DIRT!

I love gardening...any type! My garden (veggie,fruit, herb, flower) is a work in progress that has been delayed due to an accident last year and now the long lastin cold. I am anxious to get started this year though! I do raised beds, as "organic" as I can get, and started incorporating "Lasagna Gardening" last year. I hope to make alot of progress with it this year. I will be posting my progress through my blog. Stop by for a visit when you have a minute!
A gardeners dream...the opportunity for more plants... thank you for offering the giveaway!
Kara said…
I have never really had a garden but when George and I first got married he bought me a few potted plants that sat on our balcony. The first few weeks were great but I forgot about them and George had to take over. That is pretty much the only plants Ive ever had. I have heard that here in Honduras the plants are pretty easy to maintain so I am hoping to have a veg. garden and a flower garden-we will see!
Mary Ann said…
I love gardening and would love to win the card.
Congrats Amanda on the win! Be blessed. Cindy