The Honeymoon Part 1

I recently posted about my one and only marriage proposal and the true story of how, in course of one short week, I ruined what could have been the most romantic night of my life. The Proposal Part 1 and The Proposal Part 2 are a testimony to what can happen when you don't keep your big mouth shut. 

I took full responsibility for the disaster that was my one and only marriage proposal. I was completely and utterly to blame. But I'm not gonna cop to this one...oh no, not this was all Mark's fault...oh yeah, that's right...I'm talking about...

The Honeymoon

Now our wedding was wonderful...we were married in the church Mark grew up in, exchanged our vows in front of a couple hundred guests (some of them we actually knew), we had a lovely reception with dancing and food...a really special and memorable day.

And then we left for the honeymoon.

Mark and I were relocating to California for his new job, and so the day after our wedding, we boarded a plane and flew to our new home in the lovely San Joaquin Valley. And since it was a new job, Mark only had a few days for a honeymoon. No matter, we had that post wedding glow...we didn't need a long honeymoon...we had each other...whatever time off we had didn't matter...we were just happy being happy...together... *sigh*

Looking back I think we had jet-lag.

We stopped at our new apartment to repack our bags and head out to our honeymoon destination...Mount Rose near Reno, for three fun-filled days of snow skiing. We got to our apartment pretty late and since we wanted to get on the road as soon as possible, we repacked quickly and skipped hand in hand downstairs to our car...I told you we were jet-lagged...

And as we drove into that cold early April night, looking out into the star filled sky of the Sierra-Nevada, the thought never occured to me to ask my new husband if he had grabbed my quickly repacked bag from the bedroom of our new apartment. The quickly repacked bag that contained every single toiletry/make-up/undergarment item I owned...not to mention some unmentionables...I guess I shouldn't mention them.

And that was only the beginning of the longest 3 days of my life.



Oh this is going to be a great story! Cannot wait for the rest. Darn are worse than a soap-opra making us wait till the next program to come on..........Be blessed. Cindy
Joyce said…
This sounds good...I'm going to have to read the rest!
Oh, there better not have been makeup in that bag! I would have died! :) kidding. kind of.
Barbara said…
I finally found your blog and what a humorous story to tune into...can't wait for more
Barbara said…
Deb I tried to add as a follower and it would only take my email name...not the blog name so I am not sure if you are set up differently or something...will try again later. My new blog name is but I think it will still go thru as the ivy path since I changed the name. Thanks
AngelRhoden said…
It's good to see you're still a nut on the new blog! Loved your stories about the proposal and honeymoon!
TeresaGriffisY said…
This is my very first time on a blogspot. (I know I know I keep hearing them mentioned but I live in to places.....the land of too busy or under a rock.....and none of the above are teaching me a thing about blogs. However I have enjoyed this and will surely tune in again real soon. I'm glad my sister (Joe and Mavis' other kid) is great at all this impressive stuff. When I grow up I want to be just like her! HEHEHE