Number 12 Was My Favorite Aisle

********* We Have A Winner!*********

I have been reminiscing about my favorite grocery store all day...

(I need to get out of the house more)

Anyway I've been thinking about the grocery store today and how in a strange way I was really connected to it, especially growing up.

I thought about the produce guy who was a friend of my grandparents (he and my grandpa were in "the lodge" together). He was THE vegetable & fruit man. His picture hung over the swinging door that lead to the storeroom and he had a way with the sprayer that nary a drop of water ever fell to the floor.

His name was Pinky.

Pinky was a proud man. He stood about 5'3" and always wore a tie under his green apron. He sometimes forgot to wear a shirt (too many unwashed apples) but he never forgot a tie. Pinky loved to talk about the latest "in season" vegetable, the exotic locations that the fruits were shipped in from (like Sacramento) and how he held the grapefruit stacking record for 6 and 1/4 years...until, he liked to say, he "was robbed at Nationals in '74!"

I thought about how each Thanksgiving, my grandmother would take me, my brother, and my cousin to pick our turkey. We would find our frozen Butterball and then take it to the checkout lane.

And then we would have our picture taken. In line. With the cashier. Posing with the turkey.

I thought about standing by the front door of the grocery store in my gold double knit polyester band uniform (in the afternoon, in Florida, in the middle of August) trying to collect enough money for NEW gold double knit polyester band uniforms.

I thought about the first time I got sent to the grocery store by myself (I was eight) for a head of lettuce for "Taco Night" and came home with broccoli. "Taco Night" was never the same again. Broccoli and refried beans made a terrible combination...

I thought about the second time I got sent to grocery store by myself (I was thirteen, I guess they figured I could tell my foods apart by then) for a pound of hamburger and got distracted by the display of Tiger Beat magazines and ended up buying the one with "Shaun Cassidy's Favorite Love Songs of All Times!" on the cover. No meatloaf that night but I knew what song to play on the 8-track if he ever stopped by...

Which brings me to this...since I can't shop at my favorite grocery store from childhood, and that kinda makes me a little sad, why not have a giveaway!

so here's the giveaway...
(1) $25 VISA gift card
(sorry no picture this time)

go to the grocery store and make some memories...
maybe have your picture taken next to the coffee bean grinder...

here's what you need to do...just leave a comment to the question below (just one comment per person please, and if you leave a potty mouth comment a.k.a. something inappropirate, it'll get deleted) and when time is up, I'll ask Pinky to pick a number...no, wait...he's practicing his stacking for this year's Nationals...I'll just pick a number out of my recycled grocery bag...

and here's the question...

"what kind of shopper are you?"
do you run in and run out?
take your time and visit with folks?
coupons or no coupons?

Giveaway ends on Saturday, April 17th at 11:00 p.m.
Hurry and get your comment in!


Brittinie&Wade said...

We (as in Wade and I) just love your blog. It is such a good laugh and we enjoy reading about real life.

Grocery Store Question!

I think I am more of the run in and run out with a coupon in hand! I like to spend as little money as possible. Wade on the other hand likes to spend as much time as possible in a grocery store making sure he gets the best possible snack that he can! He has to have a snack everytime we go to the grocery store. When I introduced him to coupons he was like I don't think so but when I showed him how much money you can save he quickly changed his mind! So together we make for a good time in the grocery store. Wade saying, "I need a snack" and me saying, "Lets get out of here before we spend way to much money"

Thanks for posting on facebook! We really enjoy your blog!

Brittinie and Wade

Barb said...

Being the social butterfly that I am, I nearly always end up stopping and talking to someone....actually, ANYONE for that matter!!!! Typically, I would really love to just get in and get done but I always see people I know or whom I haven't seen in a while so I love to stop and visit and catch up. The grocery store is just another great place to share God's glory with anyone who will listen!

Mary said...

The grocery store: My mom used to make a list and go to at least 2 different ones to get the best bargains!
The question: It's rare when I don't see at least one person I know in the grocery store, or if I don't see anybody, I usually end up chatting with the cashier! Every 2 weeks, I put what we're having for dinner on a calendar and then make a list. If I have coupons for something specific I'm getting, I use them. I usually don't buy something just because I have a coupon for it; the store brand is usually cheaper even with a coupon!

Creations By Cindy said...

Deb....you crack me up with your stories! I couldn't help but laugh out loud about Shawn Cassidy's favorite love songs of all times!!!!!That boy was so CUTE wasn't he? Now onto your questions:

"what kind of shopper are you?"
I would day I am a frugal shopper. I do try to catch items on sale that we use! I don't buy stuff just b/c it's on sale or buy 1 get 1 free If we don't use it at my house! To me that is wasting money!
I do have my own little "gotta have" items regardless of price: Like Foldgers coffee, Hellman's Mayo, Charmin toilet paper & Lipton Tea. Those things I buy extra of when they are on sale....You gotta eat, drink and wipe the ole' hiney you know!

do you run in and run out? I try my very best too but I've never managed to just run in and out of no where!!! I am the only person I know that has got HONKED at when at the gas pump cause people are lined up behind me and I am talking to the person beside me that is pumping their gas!

take your time and visit with folks? I honestly never plan for it to be that way but it always happens! My sweet little husband says he has never seen it take 3 hours to get home from Winn Dixie when I only had to pick up one or two items! Ha!

coupons or no coupons? Well, I wish I did take the time to coupon clip but No, I don't use coupons. I would rather have to pay full price so I can fuss about it later.

And to be totally honest. I really don't like to grocery shop but since I do happen to LOVE to eat...it is a must!

Be blessed. Cindy

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm a THRIFTY shopper...use coupons all the time! I found myself at TJMaxx/HomeGoods the other night and could not make myself buy any clothes because I know that I can get them for pennies at garage sales...thrift stores and consignment shops...I think I really have it BAD! I hate going to the grocery store...I'm one lucky gal...Mr.CC does most of our grocery store shopping:) Please count me in on your GIVEAWAY!


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