Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

It's come to this...

...our Christmas tree has a set of mugshots...
cause my decorating skills are crime!

This year I wasn't exactly Martha Stewart when it came to decorating the house...in fact I wasn't even close. Our tree ended up with what I like to call "the wind swept effect"...also known as...

 "Hurricane Buddy came through our living room
and our tree was in its path"

Globs of red tinsel thrown here and there. Tree watered once and only once. Strings of lights sagging. Ornaments hung backwards. Forgotten garland still in the box. And droopy limbs. Oh the droopy limbs!

But worst of all, our cute little country star suffered the most humilating offense...shoved up against the popcorn ceiling.

The kids decorated the tree this year and I didn't notice the star right away. But when I finally did, I asked one of the kids to cut the top branch a smidge and fix the star. And unfortunately I asked when they were all in the living room together. And I didn't name a name.

I left that same afternoon to go out of town for a few days and when I came back guess what?

Our cute little country star. Still shoved.

Now the first couple of days I was home, I was too tired to fix the tree. Then a week passed by. And by then I had forgotten about fixing our cute little country star. And as I write these words there he sits on the top of our Charlie Brown 2.0 tree.

Helpless. Scrunched. Humilated.

We'll be putting the tree out of its misery this weekend. And our cute little country star will find its way back to the storage box where it can stretch out and enjoy the company of the little drummer boy ornament I made in the 3rd grade and the bell with Hayden's preschool picture on it. Packed away for another year.

Until the shoving begins again...ta-ta-dum

1 comment:

martha stewart impersonator said...

"it's not such a bad little tree Charlie Brown" :)
All it needs is a little Love :)

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