I Hope I Don't Wind Up On Regretsy

Today I took the plunge and listed something on Etsy.

oh man, does my stomach hurt...

I've always liked to do crafts and I've always been so-so at them. Truly, so-so. Not a real great way to advertise my Etsy page but that being said, you can imagine why one of my most proudest moments in life came when I sold 6 crocheted dishcloths at my friend's mercantile. 6...in one day!

I know...lame.

Anyway, I've had an Etsy store for about a year now with no listings. None. And this week I asked the cute guy that keeps hanging around our oldest daughter to stop holding her hand for 5 minutes and take some pictures for me. He grabbed the metalic pink point and shoot I got for Christmas and within 4 minutes (he didn't want Kaitlin's hand to get lonely for his...or cold) I had half a dozen pictures of a beaded bookmark I created about a year ago. Yes, a year ago.

And now the waiting begins. Waiting to see if anyone buys my bookmark. Waiting to find out if anyone likes my so-so crafts. Waiting to refund somebody's $2.75...


too cute Charlie Brown :)
u r soooooooooooooo crafty
i am jealous!!!