Sleepy Time

I have to go nighty-night somewhere strange this evening...

I'm doing a sleep study tonight due to the ginormous sounds that emit from my throat each night. God bless Mark for almost 25 years of nightly roaring coming from my side of the bed. So I hope to have some good news tomorrow about breathing and sleeping at the same's a good thing :)

Guess I'll go to Walmart and buy some pajamas...don't think they want to see me in Mark's old green t-shirt and my bleach splattered sweat pants...


Melanie said…
Ha! We must have the same pajamas ;) except my sweat pants aren't bleach splattered... they are just STRETCHED from wearing them while VERY pregant (2 times)! They are just now getting comfy ;)

Good luck!!!!

I bet Mark slept on your side while you were absent!!!!!!! :) LOL