Television, You Bewitched Me, Body And Soul

We've lived over a year now without TV. We still have a TV that we watch dvds and Netflix on but as far as cable/network television...nada. And after spending a few days with relatives that have TV I can now say with great confidence it was the best decision we made in late 2009.

I thought it would be absolute torture not to have the really fake housewives make their weekly visit each week. A day without Paula Deen? How would I know what to make for dinner? If I didn't watch Oprah, how would I know which book to buy and then not read because I was too busy watching Oprah tell me which book to buy? And don't get me started on the crab fishermen...missing out on their fun-filled "in the morning, in the evening, ain't we got fun" Kathie Lee Carnival cruise adventures each Monday night was unthinkable.

But a remarkable thing began to happen. The things we decided to watch began to become very, very selective. And after a few weeks, the void I thought TV would leave was filled was some really good stuff.

Board Games

and best of all...Jesus...more of Him.

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AngelRhoden said...

Loved this, Deb. We don't miss ours either. Can't imagine ever having channels in the house again...still like movies sometimes, but don't miss the shows at all. Conversations that come with this void have been worth it!!

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