While we are in the beginning stages of planning a wedding for our oldest daughter, we are also within 6 weeks of moving our middle daughter away to college and a month away from our youngest child starting his senior year of high school. And we are moving my mother to our town from her current home in North Carolina.

I feel old.

Lots of changes going on around our place, some easy, some hard. But that's ok. It's taken me a long time to get ok with changes, but through His strength I know I can face anything that comes our way. It's all about Him anyways :)


AngelRhoden said…
Praying for you during all these changes. So thankful He put me around you so we could walk through our kids growing older as we grow old...together. :)
Deb said…
me to Angel, me too!
Deb, you will be ok through all these changes. I totally understand how you feel. I will never forget when our oldest daughter Kristy, who is now 32 year old graduated from HS. When she graduated HS she had already completed one year of college as well and within a month was engaged to be married. I can remember thinking, "This is crazy"! My 18 year old and Oldest and first born child has graduated HS, completed one year of college and now is engaged to be married!!!! At that time it was almost more than I thought I could swallow! I will always treasure the friendships of women that came alongside of me during that time to reaffirm that I WAS NORMAL...just a normal mama dealing with changes of life. Since that time I've many many other changes in my life...some good and some not so good...but whatever changes we face we never face alone! God holds our hands every step of the way with adventures of life. Enjoy these moments...they pass so quickly!