The Graduate: The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Tonight was the opening night on the graduate's last play in high school. One more milestone to pass as he comes down the final stretch.

From Schroeder to Snow White's father, The King, to Mr. Zuckerman to Huckleberry Finn...the graduate has played a lot of interesting characters. And tonight in his final role in the play "Annie", he took the stage as Drake, the butler. And as Lt. Ward. And as Man #3 during the New York street scene.

At least he didn't get cast as Sandy.


I heard the play was so good. I want to go see it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Deb said…
It was very good Mrs. Cindy! The little girl playing Annie is really talented :)
Rhonda Schrock said…
Boy, can I guess at your feelings here! We just had that "last" in March when our own graduate was the Rev. Shaw in "Footloose." So very bitter. And sweet.