Springtime Mornings ~ A Beautiful May Wedding

This evening we're attending a wedding, and it's the first one we've been to since our oldest daughter got married in January. (You can read all about that wonderful, magical, never-want-to-see-the-inside-of-another-bridal-store time right here at The Mother of the Bride Chronicles )

And I have to tell you, it's a lot more fun going as a guest. A lot more.

Last night, as the guest, I slept pretty well, didn't have to get up to go the bathroom, and got almost 8 hours of sleep.As the mother of the bride, the night before the wedding I got about 47 minutes of sleep and I think I slept in the same clothes I wore to the rehearsal dinner.

This morning, as the guest, I woke up, had a cup of coffee, took my time getting ready for work. On the morning of the wedding, as the mother, I bolted straight up in bed, panic-stricken and thought, "I forgot to by pink M&Ms for the sweet table!"

At lunchtime today, as the guest, I went into town and bought a new skirt to wear to the wedding. As the mother of the bride, at lunchtime the day of the wedding I was laying on the floor of the bride's room, trying to squeeze into my girdle.

Right now, about 4 hours from the wedding, I'm relaxed, sitting in a recliner, and writing this post. About 4 hours before our daughter's wedding, I was breathing into a paper bag.

Yep, I'd have to say, being the guest of the mother of the bride is a whole lot more fun.

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