I'm Buying A Stove Top Hat Next Week

So I made a big mistake this afternoon. I got into the car after work, pulled down the visor and took a look in the vanity mirror.

Lo and behold, who was staring back at me? This guy.

Now I'm no hermit. I live with my family. I regularly spend time with friends during the week, women I consider to be as close as sisters. And I have two, count 'em, TWO adult daughters. And to top it off, one of those daughters is a licensed cosmetologist. 

And yet no one bothers to tell me that my chin looks like Ol' Abe's.

Now I can almost excuse The Hubs and The Graduate for not saying anything. They both have some kind of weird eye thing where they don't see anything. Like where the giant jar of peanut butter is in the pantry. And the over-flowing garbage can in the kitchen. And the rather large 'E' on the dashboard of the minivan.

But my friends? C'mon gals! You couldn't have quietly passed a pair of tweezers to me at lunch, with a wink and a nod? How about sneaking a tube of Nair into my buggy at the grocery store? Not even subtle rub on your chin while nudging your head in my direction?

And girls, really? You had no problem telling me to change out of the lime green stretch pants I wanted to wear to church that one time. What stopped you from letting me know I looked like one of the three little pigs?

"No, no, no not by the hair on my chinny chin chin"

Who knows how long I've been walking around like this, but one thing's for sure...from now on I'm keeping a pair of tweezers in the glove box.


Lisa Laree said...

Why is it that when we tweezed our eyebrows in high school they shank permanently, but tweezing anywhere else on our faces in our middle ages seems to have the opposite effect???

debseveryday said...

So true Lisa!

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