Summer Days ~ Skeeter-Gal

Just call me Skeeter-Gal.

If one more mosquito bites me, Marvel will have a new superhero, with a comic book and blockbuster movie out just in time for Christmas.

You know, kinda like Spider-Man. He got bit by some weird spider and turned into a superhero. So why can't it happen to me? I get bit by a bazillion mosquitoes each time I step outside. I could get bit by some weird mosquito and suddenly after days of itching, scratching and oatmeal baths, I wake up one morning and I've turned into Skeeter-Gal.

It could happen.

Now what would I look like? I'd have to be able to fly, and I would most likely have a long, skinny nose and huge, bulbous black eyes. And a cape. Oh yeah, gotta have a cape. And not a old-towel-tied-around-my-neck-with-a-clothes-pin cape like my little brother used to wear, it needs to be something flowing and glittery. Maybe gold and green and glittery...oooh...(I have a little problem with gold and green and glittery things, they tend to distract me). And a superhero outfit (do they call what they wear an outfit?) wouldn't be complete without a set of gold antennas on the tippy-top of my head.

But what would my powers be? Would I be armed with some kind itch-inducing power, rendering the bad guys helpless as they scratch themselves unconscious? How about some kind of buzzing sound that distracts my evil nemesis, Dr. Citronella, while I rescue a bus load of senior citizens, hanging off the side of a bridge?

Ooooh...would a bottle of 'Off' be my Kryptonite?

The possibilities are endless.


Creations By Cindy said...

You are CRAZY! Girl, I know all about the skitter bites! I have scratched so much till the blood has oozed to the top of the skin! Yep, sounds aweful but true! My arms look like my granny's did at age 80! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Rhonda Schrock said...

If I were Skeeter-Gal, I'd be all over those mochas. Forget the blood. Must.have.mocha. Must.have.mocha. You know, along those lines? :):)

My husband is like a lightning rod for 'squitos. They love him. Seriously. Apparently they think "buffet!" when he shows up, because they sure give him the works.


Cathy said...

Wow! You have a great imagination. :)

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