Summer Days ~ A Storm Is A-brewin'

Tropical Storm Debby is here! She's been drenching us for a couple of days now and it's looking like she's gonna be sticking around most of the week.


Nothing like some indoor fun...The College Gal is working on some jewelry and The Hubs is working on another puzzle.

And I think I just saw our minivan float out of the driveway.


Anonymous said…
I love your post! You can make me laugh when I feel as if I can't, please don't ever stop posting. I love you!

Cathy Beckmann
Rhonda Schrock said…
And here in the Midwest, we're dying for rain. Praying for rain. Wish you could share...? :)
Deb said…
I'll be praying Rhonda ~ sure wish we could share :)
Deb said…
I love you too Cathy!!!