Summer Days ~ Where's Nemo When Ya Need Him?

The Hubs and the College Gal recently became Scuba certified which means the majority of our time off this summer will be spent in places like this...

(that's our bunch last Saturday at a small spring 
about an hour and a half from home)

Not bad, huh? Our son and son-in-law are thinking about getting certified also, but as for dice, mice.

The thought of being multiple feet under water with tanks and masks and hoses makes me feel claustrophobic. Not sure why, but it does. Of course I also feel claustrophobic if I get tangled in the sheets at night or the car seat belt gets too tight.

I may need to talk to someone about that.

Aside from the claustrophobia thing, there's also the issue of what's underneath the water. It probably doesn't help that I'm in the middle of watching "The Blue Planet" on Netflix. The first four episodes alone have given me all the reasons I need to justify my mule-like stance of being a "wader" at the beach. 

Growing up I never really thought about what was possibly swimming around me while frolicking in the waves off Clearwater Beach. My biggest frets were the bathwater temperature of the Gulf of Mexico and the very real chance of getting pooped on by a rogue seagull (a friend got pooped on once, right on the very top of her head...we had shaving cream in the trunk of our car and we put some in her hair to try and get the poop out but it only made it worse...but she did smell menthol fresh afterwards...and why we had shaving cream in the trunk of the car is still a mystery)

But now that's all changed. I've been educated about the life that teems beneath the waves and honestly I'm not a big fan.

Like these little fellas we met at the beach last summer...

...they still give me the willies.


Great pics Deb! NOPE, I am with ya underwater stuff for me!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Deb said…
The kids tease me about only wading along the shoreline all the time but I'm happy above the water :)
Joyce said…
I just asked a question about scuba in my hodgepodge last week. Most people said no they wouldn't try it. I'm not worried about the creatures but am a little paranoid about the mask over my face. My husband got his certification in the Persian Gulf (Dubai). They are doing so much construction there everything was really churned up and he said for the most part he couldn't see his hand in front of his face, but he did get his card : )
Deb said…
I think the mask is probably the worse part of it too ;) My husband and our daughter have only had fresh water experiences so far, I'm waiting to hear where they are taking us next :)