There just something about "firsts" when you're newlyweds.

Whether it's driving home in your first new-to-you car, or being handed the keys to your first home, the first road trip together, the first Christmas, the first...well you get the idea. It's an exciting time and the excitement you feel can be contagious.

This is the picture I took last night of the newlyweds and their new-to-them car. They drove it over to show us and it's a pretty sweet ride. And as you can see, they're very's a precious time in their lives.

 The Hubs and I know the feeling....


Anonymous said…
I guess this is the reason he sold his motorcycle.? Ty sold his jeep when were newlyweds. Nice car!-Rebekah sweet Deb. Love the pictures. Hugs and blessings, Cindy