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I'm getting back into couponing.

Chances are you're thinking, "big stinkin' deal". And you're right. Not a profound or exciting announcement by any means. But if you lived with me and you heard me make that announcement, chances are this would be your response:

It's not the coupons or the deals that get me "the Look", as a matter of fact the family loves all the deals that coupons provide. I got all the chicken for our daughter's wedding reception with coupons. It's how I get when I'm couponing that gets me in trouble.

I get in the zone.
I get focused.
I get tunnel vision.
I get extreme.

I get nuts-o.

I do things like...
  • put up a 4-shelf rack just for toilet paper
  • color code pet food coupons (blue for dogs, pink for cats of course)
  • ask the Hubs to stop on the way to church so I can run in "just for a sec" to buy 17 jars of black olives before someone else clears the shelf
  • buy Polident
  • go to the store for milk and bread but instead, come home with 28 bottles of honey mustard sauce

After the 28 bottles of honey mustard, I decided it was time I gave up couponing. I went cold turkey. I put up the blue dog food coupons and for a while I thought I had my coupon compulsion under control. But then I tuned into a few episodes of "Extreme Couponing" while we were on vacation. And as I watched, I felt that old surge of adrenaline begin to course through my veins again. The more I watched, the more I wanted to get back in the game.

I was excited!
I was pumped up!
I was energetic!
I was ready!

I was ready to go dumpster-diving for other people's thrown out newspaper inserts.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I have a friend that is amazing at couponing and teaches a class. I have never been into the extreme couponing but I do like saving money. It's a rush. You go girl!

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