Summer Days ~ Happy 30th Of June!

For the nearly 25 years we've lived here, our small rural county has always celebrated the 4th of July 5 days early. I've never really heard the reason behind this, it's just always been that way. Guess I should get around to asking someone one of these days.


We usually have a fireworks display with some local talent playing music, all situated on the grounds of the state hospital located just outside the city limits. That would be the state mental hospital.


After many years at the hospital, they decided to move this year's celebration to our beautiful park (also known around here as "the duck pond"), just off our Main Street. And the Chamber of Commerce incorporated vendors to this year's celebration and I since I've been 'crafting' I thought I would give selling a try. So yesterday we loaded up the minivan with our borrowed tent and table, and set off for our local park.

This is the Hubs, setting up our borrowed tent
 in the 101 degree heat.

Our lovely view from behind

Some friends came to visit....

Some were kinda grumpy...

All set up and ready!

Some other vendors, mostly home town folks we know...

Politicians were also out and about, 
shaking hands and hugging necks.

This is our friends booth, they use the money raised 
to help support their daughter, 
who is on staff at Gospel for Asia.

The best food ever!

And finally the fireworks!
See those lights in the branches? 
Those were the fireworks...

...we didn't get to see them very well,
 since we were behind the trees,
but there's always next 30th of June!


Did you sell anything? Love the duck pond as I call it. Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Deb said…
Yes 'mam I made some stretchy beaded bracelets for little girls and I sold about 80! The Lord blessed me for sure :) The crowd was kinda light until about 6:30/7:00pm but then it picked up :) Much love!
Anonymous said…
Love reading your post. I was heading to work that night, we don't get off for the 30th of June. Maybe next year. Benny <><
Love this....I contemplated going and then decided that I didn't want to get out of my PJ's....I know, I know....I gotta live a little.
Deb said…
Thanks Benny! We saw you for a second at Angel's booth, it was a good day!
Deb said…
so glad your back a-bloggin' my friend ;)