Signs I'm Getting Older ~ Part 2

1. Recently started carrying around a tote bag full of stuff, along with my pocketbook.

2. Just used the word "pocketbook".

3. Wore a sweater to the store last week because it was chilly. It's July. And I live in Florida.

4. Turned down the radio in the minivan because I couldn't listen and find a new address at the same time.

5. Got excited buying a new coupon organizer.

6. Spend two hours on Saturday afternoon watching old marching band videos from high school on youtube.

7. Reused a ziploc bag (what? I rinsed it out!).

8. Asked a store cashier where they kept the dusting powder.
(while wearing a sweater...).

9. Had to google what "meme" means.

10. Was excited to find an eyeglass repair kit at the bottom of my pocketbook.

11. Just used the word "pocketbook" again.


Needed a good laugh today Deb! Yes, I use the word Pocketbook too~ LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy
Boster said…
I don't know what "meme" means. I have to go look it up now....LOL
Deb said…
I still don't what it means!
Cathy said…
Too funny! Actually maybe not, because some of those fit me pretty well too. haha