I Tried, Really I Did

A funny thing has happened to me since I started juicing a couple of weeks ago.

I can think again.

A fast food fog has lifted from my mind and I suddenly have some clarity. And one thing this sudden clarity has revealed to me is that I'm a little obsessed with hot dogs.

I've included hot dogs in no less than 3 posts in the last few months. My epic tribute to my hot doggery love occurred in this post from June 2012. I've posted about hot dogs on other blogs. I've scrolled through my children's Instagrams accounts, trying to find pictures of the gourmet hot dogs we ate at HD1 in Atlanta last January. A couple of weeks ago, I lamented to any one who would listen (okay, just my husband) that the buns I bought for the holiday weekend fell apart when I opened them (whhaattt are we gonna doooo? the buns are falling apppaarrtt!!).

I realize now it has probably been a little much. I guess I should start looking for another food item to replace my beloved hot dogs. Probably a really super healthy food. Maybe something like parsnips, or beets. Yes, it's might be time to grow up and move on.

Okay, it's been 8 minutes, haven't found anything to replace hot dogs, guess I'll have to stick with them.

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Creations By Cindy said...

Love me a good slaw dog! 100% beef and I am good to go! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

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