Loose Ends No. 1 Vol. 23

I haven't posted a "Loose Ends" in a long time, but here goes...

~~ We found out we're having a granddaughter this week. Her name is going to be Olive June. Typing those 9 sweet little letters makes me smile. And tear up.

Listening to "Landslide" 6 times in a row isn't helping.

~~ Last year we started watching "The Walking Dead" online, and I hate gory stuff. In the last couple of weeks I've read two books about zombies, and I hate gory stuff. We're planning on going to see "World War Z" when it comes out, and I hate gory stuff.

Go figure. I guess I like gory stuff.

~~ Check out Jen Hatmaker's blog. I spent most of the evening reading her posts and fell in love.

~~  I wanted to change up my devotional and a friend recommended Sarah Young's "Jesus Calling" and I really like it. Written in the first person, it's a comforting and easy read, which I wanted right now in this season of my life.

~~ Oh Michael, how I miss you and Pam. And Jim. And Dwight. And staplers in yellow Jell-o.

~~ I've been juicing since Memorial Day weekend and I think my sense of smell and taste are coming back. Of course all I smell and taste are kale, carrots and red cabbage but at least it's something.

~~ College gal continues making plans to leave in July for her new campus apartment. I keep telling her she has until the first of August before classes start but for some reason she feels the need to get there a lot sooner. It could be the wailing that emits from the bottom of my tear-stained soul each time she mentions leaving.

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