Make Sure You Wear Sunscreen!

In addition to juicing every single vegetable in the county I can get my hands on, we've also started swimming at our local Y. This is meant as a way to exercise and also escape walking/running/biking outside since the temperature is now equal to any Tuesday on the surface of the sun.

It's hot outside.
Growing up I spent a lot of time in the water. We were blessed to live close to the beach, and our neighborhood had a community pool. I was in the water constantly during the summer and I was a pretty decent swimmer.

But I was 11 years old then. Now I'm knocking on 50 and swimming has changed a lot for me in the last 36 years.

I used to be able to do this:

And I used to wear this:

Now I dog-paddle, have ear plugs and wear one of these:
 A wooden bathing suit from the 20's. 

I wear mine with a t-shirt over it.

It could always be worse I suppose. My nose could be coated with zinc oxide. And I could have plastic flowers on my bathing cap.

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